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[ how crystal stone® is born ]

Ballarini s.r.l.

Ballarini Srl operates its business since 1979. The company is highly skilled in stone processing and is the owner of the Crystal Stone quarry located in Montebello, a small village in the beautiful land of Romagna, in Italy.

The extraction activity in the quarry by Ballarini family dates back to past centuries, the use of the stone for ornamental purposes has been carried out since 1966.

Thanks to Ballarini’s long experience, together with innovative technique and up-to-date machineries the processing of the stone is widely covered. From the extraction of the stone in big blocks, to the cutting in slabs till the realization of finished products. The laboratory is equipped to perform any type of processing accurately, moreover the craftsman of Ballarini Company are highly specialized artisans with years of craftsmanship experience.

The entire processing is carried out in by Crystal Stone in its laboratory.

Our company is able to meet to the requests of a private customer or interior designer, thanks to its experience over the years and the design team of Crystal Stone.

The wide range of Crystal Stone possible use, from furniture to interior decoration for residential buildings or construction projects allows the company is to give many possibilities to own a unique Crystal Stone product.

[ The Company ]

Manufacturing process

Highly expertise in Crystal Stone® extraction, surrounded by a panorama unique to the world, Italy and Romagna.

The Quarry

Expertise, innovation and tradition all together in the unique technique of our artisans.

Our Technique

An exclusive product is crafted from a mountain of Crystal Stone®, unique in the world, by skilled craftsmen’s hand.

The Company Values
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Our history, a craftsmen tradition

[ how we make crystal stone® ]

From stone to light

Who controls of manufacturing process of Crystal Stone?
Ballarini Srl carries the entire production process, from the excavation till the finished article.
Is the manufacturing handcrafted?
Yes, our artisans are highly skilled in the manufacture of the product thanks to manual processing combined with the use of innovative techniques
Is each item a unique piece?
Absolutely! Every piece of stone comes from the Crystal Stone mountain, the processing is handcrafted and each item is unique and unrepeatable. It contains the wisdom of stone and the touch of craftsmen’ hand.
Can the crystal be also transparent?
Crystal Stone® has brilliant macro-crystals, which shows their transparency if backlit or during daylight.