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[ the production process ]

Every article can be customized


It is possible to customize each product with size and color. Our design team can assist you for oversized items.


Every cut provide a unique piece of the mountain. Thanks to the experience of Ballarini Company, each item follows its specific production process.

Wide range of colors

Crystal Stone® is naturally extracted in gray opale. Thanks to a particular technique, it is suggested in a range of 12 colors. Any specific color reflection has its proper characteristics that gives a wide range of choice to customers or interior designers.

Glass surface

The stone is protected with a crystal glass thanks to a highly specialized technique. It guarantees a very high resistance and the best brilliance possible, enhancing the qualities of the stone to its best.

Design made in Italy

A long handcraft tradition.


More than 40 years of experience.

Customer focus

Customization and uniqueness.

Color chart

[ our production ]

Crystal Stone, for private and designers

The production of Crystal Stone By Ballarini Company can be addressed to both the private customers and interior designers thanks to its versatility of use.


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