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Salone del Mobile Fair in Milan

Crystal Stone exhibits at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, in collaboration with M&P Paintings. In this edition, new models together with new combinations of materials are shown-off. In this union, Crystal Stone meets the style and elegance of gold.

In this edition, the Ballarini Srl Company and its team of designers exhibit three new furniture collections: Trapezium Collection, Pysma Collection and Leda Collection. Each set is composed of a dining table and coffee table, complementary in their shapes. In addition, there is Luna Collection, a new set of appliques with a new design, which will give a very special touch the lighting of a room.

The ‘extra-sized’ table in Crystal Stone with golden metal inserts are very impressive, created for important ambience, conference rooms or royal dining rooms. This last realization show to the ability of Ballarini Company to create customized products to satisfy every customer’s request, therefore both for small and large manufacturing.

Italian design walks together with Crystal Stone’s craftsmanship skill, famous for its attention to every detail and for the uniqueness of its designs.

The golden material is a symbol of a bond and a union between gold and metal, both enclosed in a unique product with an unmistakable style that will last forever. Thanks to this new design, an extra jewel to your furniture will be a unique ‘must’ to add at the ambience.