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The Auriga collection is part of an original design that matches stone and steel with a brand new concept.

Auriga, whose name comes from a luminous constellation which is a bright point of reference for the autumn and winter skies, inspired the design of this table.

From the elliptical shapes of Oval version to the round curves of Round model, the base alternates rings of stone and steel in a sinuous curve.

Crystal Stone is the central character, here proposed matching with steel which highlights its
brilliance and elegance, the stone can also be combined with brass or sa tin steel.

Arch. Piero Emiliani
200 x 100 h. 74

∅ 60 h. 60

∅ 150 h. 74
Crystal Stone, stainless steel
tobacco, black onix, grey opale

Color chart

Crystal Stone®, made in Italy

Crystalline Alabaster “CRYSTAL STONE” is a natural stone quarried exclusively by BALLARINI S.r.l. close to the medieval castle of Montebello in the municipality of Poggio Torriana near Rimini.

The quarry, unique in the world, is owned 100% by BALLARINI S.r.l. LAVAMAR® has processed for over 50 years CRYSTAL STONE®, which has always been supplied by BALLARINI S.r.l.

Now, BALLARINI S.r.l. leads the brand CRYSTAL STONE® and manages the whole manufacturing process concerning our stone.

CRYSTAL STONE®, a rare and unique stone particularly appreciated for its silvery reflections, brightness and versatility of use, is an ideal stone for high class furnishings and accessories. The top Italian Design level brings elegance and brightness to your furniture.

Our Italian designers combine CRYSTAL STONE® with glass, steel, aluminum etc. to reach the most luxurious results.

CRYSTAL STONE® with its translucent property rare among rocks, can be used with wonderful chromatic eŽects for interior stone wall decorations, as well as TIFFANY’s Tokyo Ginza Jewellery.

CRYSTAL STONE®’s natural color is pearl grey. It may be supplied into a large range of colors, still maintaining brightness and glossiness of the stone.