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Tiffany Store Project by Kengo Kuma, Tokyo

The term alabaster refers to stones with many different structures. Crystal Stone is a particular type of alabaster with a ‘macro-crystalline’ structure that determine its uniqueness and characteristics. Crystal Stone is a very precious material, and one of its main characteristics is the translucecy. This peculiarity allows the designer to play with lights and reflections, thanks to the possibility of backlighting the stone. For this reason it can be used for various applications, including more or less large wall coverings, to decorate specific environments or the use of backlit panels. In this article we would like to introduce this last feature, where Crystal Stone is proposed backlit inside a jewelry store.

It was love at first sight, the one between the archistar Kengo Kuma and Crystal Stone. The stone seduced the architect in its pure natural gray, with its silver reflections and the transparency of the crystals. This encounter between design and Crystal Stone led to the birth of the project of the Tiffany jewelry store inside the prestigious Ginza Store Shopping Center, in the heart of Tokyo, entirely covered with backlit panels in Crystal Stone.

Suitable as an indoor decorative covering, Crystal Stone was used for this project in large, double laminated, backlit panels.

Already at the entrance the effect is surprising, Tiffany jewels are enhanced to their maximum splendor by the brilliance and uniqueness of Crystal Stone.