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Furniture style with Crystal Stone

When talking about natural stones, thoughts turn to the best and most known marbles. One of a kind, however, is Crystal Stone, a crystalline alabaster with unique and unrepeatable characteristics. The unique Crystal Stone quarry in the world, owned by Ballarini Srl, is located in Italy in the magnificent Romagna lands, where this unique stone in the world is used for ornamental purposes. For decades it has been used in the luxury furnishing of magnificent houses all over the world, where the properties of stone are the principal feature of the design.

Crystal Stone is a very precious material, and thanks to the highly specialized processing technique of the Ballarini Company together with their artisan’s skill, is valorized to create beautiful furniture items. This stone finds its place among the precious stones used in interior design, thanks to its uniqueness, the items become the main feature of the rooms themselves.

From the very first creations, the meeting between Crystal Stone and other materials has been part of the continuous research and experimentation of the company’s design sector. A beautiful and elegant match is the one between Crystal Stone and metal. Both solid and long lasting materials, their combination enhances the brilliance of the crystals. In the various Crystal Stone collections the alternative is between many materials: Crystal Stone is often combined with polished steel and gold, used in particular to give life to tables and coffee tables.

Thanks to the particular characteristic of Crystal Stone and the craftsmanship of the artisans, it is supplied in a wide range of colors, each one enhancing the nuances of the stone and its crystals.